TXU Energy had a question: “Why would an energy company help you use less of their product?” This question became the basis of a customer education initiative. Researching new video techniques like stop-motion and cinemagraphs, Paperlyte was able to produce light-hearted and interesting videos that gave TXU customers tips on how to save money on their electric bill.

TXU Energy iTherm Promo Video “Why would a company help you use less?” from Paperlyte Films on Vimeo.

We used stop motion to bring life to inanimate objects, who take it upon themselves to save energy in their household.

TXU Energy “While You Were Out” from Paperlyte Films on Vimeo.

Using cinemagraphs, we turned a coffee break into an interesting lesson. We showed users how to navigate and utilize the tools TXU provides their customers in their online accounts.

TXU needed a face, and what is a face with no character? The “TXU Energy guy” was in town to film some commercials, so Paperlyte was asked to create a series of “off the cuff” social videos. The goal was to develop a real character and to show that Alex was more than just a talking head on a green screen.